Wetherell Ranch, Inc.

we sell exclusively to rumiano cheese company.

California has the strictest  Dairy  Cleanliness  standards in the  United  States. 


Cleanliness reduces the risk of high Somatic  Cell  Count in Milk.    Cornell University studies show that  lowering  the  Somatic  Cell  Count enhances the  flavor of  the milk. 


Rumiano Cheese Company offers an additional cleanliness bonus to their producers.   This excedes both the Federal and State requirements and encourages  local Dairymen to produce the cleanest   (and best flavored)   milk available in the Nation. 


Milk is among the best sources of  Calcium and Vitamin D.


AND......Grass fed Dairy products have more beta-carotene in them!!


All from cows here locally on small family farms like ours.


Stop by the creamery on 9th street in Crescent City to see the cheese making process in action (and curds) or





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