Wetherell Ranch, Inc.

The girls.....

In the Spring of the year the nursery begins filling up with little brown spotted girls with huge brown eyes and long lashes.  Bottle fed fresh milk, along with hay and grain they are kept in a warm clean environment until they are old enough to wean. 

Summer has arrived and they join the other teenage girls kicking up their heels while grazing on lush green pasture.

After they calve they are put into the milk string to carry on the family tradition with their mothers and grandmothers.

parlor and pastures.....

As a Grade "A" Dairy, we follow the strictest cleanliness and herd health requirements. 

The Milking Parlor and barns are inspected by the State Milk Inspector on a regular basis and every tank of milk is tested to meet these standards.

Good pasture and waste management, along with nutritious, natural feed and sanitary conditions are essential to the environment and ensure that  our Natural Blondes live long happy healthy lives grazing on lush green pastures in the Northern California sun.


The dairy.....

Established in 1868 by William Carey Bailey as a Dairy and Creamery. 

Passed down through the generations the Ranch is now a Family Corporation with just under 200 all Jersey girls, managed by William's great~great grandson, Richard (Rich) Bailey Wetherell.

Living in the "Bailey House", built in 1904, Rich, Celia and the boys enjoy a life full of heritage, hard work and happiness.  Working together to keep this small family dairy a place for many to call home and give everyone the chance to experience our unique way of life.


Bryan Bailey and Brent William

Adopt "A"  Highway...the crew

supporting the local economy.....

In addition to their support for local charities, foundations and youth groups,   Dairymen return 90% of their income to the community for products and services provided by local businesses such as these;




Alexandre Dairy

Coast to Coast Hardware

Crescent Ace Hardware

Borges Family Creamery

Crescent City Hay and Feed

Crescent Electric

Curry Equipment

Del-Cur Supply

Del Norte 4-H  and  FFA

Del Norte County

Del Norte Farm Bureau

Del Norte Office Supply

Del Norte Tire

Englund Marine

Frank's Refrigeration

George's Diesel and Electric

Hambro Forest Products, Inc.

Hastings Bulb Growers, Inc.

Industrial Electric

Lake Earl Grange

Land O' Lakes

McLennan Contractors, LLC


Parkway Feed

Steve Portzer Welding

Tedsen and Son Dairy

Recology Del Norte

Renner Petroleum

Reservation Ranch

Reynolds Dairy Supply

Roto Rooter

Rumiano Cheese Company

Snoozie Shavings, Inc.

The Daily Triplicate

Town and Country Animal Clinic

T&M Equipment

Two Guys

Palmer Westbrook, Inc.




Most of these locally owned businesses are used on a monthly basis for things on the Dairy such as:  construction, bleach, electrical items and services, fuel, gloves, hay, office supplies, manufacturing of parts,  paper towels, permits, plumbing supplies and repairs, soap, tires, tractor supplies and repairs, trash disposal, trucking, veterinary services,   and the list goes on...



And where would we be without our coffee?




Java Hut


(special thanks for supporting Borges Family Creamery)









Northwoods Restaurant, Good Harvest Cafe and Vista Pub


(Rumiano Cheese served on the menu)








(please note;  this is not a complete list of  local vendors that Wetherell Ranch, Inc. uses) 



 Brent William

time well spent on the Smith River

The Dairy
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